Back into the school thing

Well I’m back here at school and in my new apartment. It’s so awesome! Myself and 4 other guys got a brand new apartment. It’s quite large and well refined. I love it. To see a couple pics of my new apartment and my bedroom, click here. Anyways it’s been like a continuous party for the past 3 days. I’m ready to stop now and get into the school thing. I already have homework and an essay to write! Talk about movin quick! My classes aren’t bad at all. I actually like my schedule and all my prof’s Everything’s going great. I really do miss Sarah though. I know it’s going to be tough not seeing her as much, but everything will manage. I LOVE YOU BABE!! Well anyways I really got a lot to take care of alot of stuff here around school. Oh I almost forgot, homecoming was great, prolly the best dance I’ve been to. We had so much fun. We went out to eat at Buca De Peppos. It was so cheap for us, only 12 bucks a couple!! After I had people over my house and we just partied! Fun shit. Now over a week later and I’m wakin up early and goin to flippin’ class. Ahh well gotta do what ya gotta do! Gotta make that money, money. Ayite I’m done and I’m out fo’ real. Peace all!


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