Haunted Weekend

Well again I know it’s been quite some time since that last time I wrote. I know I’ve been slacking but anyways I’m here to bring up to date. So far since I got back to school things have been quite routine. Nothing yet, outta the ordinary. Schools been goin good, Sarah and I are greater than ever. What more to ask?! Lets see last Wednesday while up at school my friends and I went to SAE(a fraternity) for a party. It was quite the fun stuff. My buddy Anoop got a lil too drunk and ended up acting like the biggest dumbass. It was funny though. I also had my fair share of drinks. Last nite we just chilled at my house, nothing to amusing was goin on. 2nite we went to Slaughtered at Sundown haunted house and hayride. It wasn’t to bad. The house was cool, but the hayride was quite lame. Overall the weekend has been quite fun. Tomorrow we had Sarah’s brother’s(Eric) confirmation. Oh last weekend Sarah and I went to my cousin Mike’s wedding. That was fun. We did this one dance that was nuts, but fun. Ayite then, I guess there really isn’t anything that amazing goin on so again I’m gonna leave ya!! So I’ll be back again, hopefully soon, to keep you updated with whats new in my life!! I love ya Sarah! Talk to the rest of ya’s later!


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