Halloween, 8 Mile, School, etc.

Yes time is valuable, as you can tell by the time between my journal entries. Well lemme date back a couple of weeks. Halloween was quite the blast. I dressed up as a cow and Sarah as a turtle. We, along with Rachel and Brian, went around Sarah’s neighborhood. Actually we went down every street in her neighborhood. So the bags of candy were quite filled. After trick-or-treating we later went to Rachel’s house for a lil Halloween party. Friday after Halloween I didn’t do much. That weekend wasn’t much going on. Oh Sarah and I went and seen The Ring. That was definitely a scary, freaky movie. I liked it though. Over that pass few weeks or so school has gotten me loaded with shit to do. Busy, busy, busy. It’s nice knowing that I have thursday’s off. That way I can sleep in and doin some major homework. The weekend after was actually last weekend. The opening night of 8 Mile was Friday and it was a pretty sweet movie. Liked very much. Saturday nite was Karrie’s Polish Graduation Ball. Different than expected. It was fun though. Sarah tried to teach me how to polka. I’m such a lousy dancer. I tried though, I guess you can accredit me on something. Anyways Sunday was a straight forward day. Nothing new. Sarah and I went to Church did a lil Christmas shopping and thats bout it. As of this week I’ve been swamped with homework and other student activities. This school term has gone by fast though. I can’t believe it’s already 6th week. Damn! Only 4 weeks of class left. Oh I’ve been recently working on this project for my humanities class. It’s quite cool. I’m designing this software that is a compilation of World Trade Center information. It’s going to be a cool thing. If you’d like to see the finished product sometime just ask me in about a month. It should be done by then. Anyways summing it all up, school’s a pain in the neck but eduactional, life’s busy, but happy, and with Sarah, it couldn’t feel any better. I’m happy with how things are going overall (not counting calculus material) It’s all good. Well I’m leaving ya once again. Back to my busy life.


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