Thanksgiving, and near the end of the term

I know I’m quite the slacker on my journal. But it’s been really busy. Really busy. Lemme see if I can date back awhile. For the week of Thanksgiving I had majority of the week off for vacation. We had Thanksgiving at my house. Good stuff. On the night/morning of the day after Thanksgiving sale, PJ brought his motor home and parked it in the parkin lot of Best Buy and we sat outside the store all nite, from 12 at nite til 6 in the morning. I didn’t do much shoppin, just a lil Christmas shopping. That weekend I can’t remember what happen, must of not been to important. This weekend though was a fun one. Well not exactly. On Friday I had met my cuz Nick at Great Lakes Crossing for some shopping. Later that afternoon we had to unfortunately had to go to his grandma’s funeral. Not a good thing. Later that night Sarah and I met up with Rachel and Brian at Brian’s house for another jacuzzi night. It’s nice to sit in a jacuzzi at nite when there’s snow all around. Very nice. Saturday was quite the lazy day. Nothing crazy went on. That nite though we went bowling for Angela’s 18th birthday. Sunday we had my family’s Montalbano christmas party at the Mirage. Enjoyable. Food was good. Sarah, Mario, and myself all recieved AP:Goldmember for Christmas from Santa. Later that nite I had to once again arrive to school for studying. Last nite I spent a hell of a lot of time doing h/w. Oh I almost forgot, recently I’ve been working on a website for a photographer. Goto Linda Krehbiel Photography to check it out. I still have alot to do some check out sometime later. Anyways only a couple more weeks left of flippin school and its break time. I can’t wait to get out, I need the money like WHOA!! Well I gotta leave ya once again. Hopefully it won’t be another month by the time I write. But I really gotsa go now, got class in T-4 mins. Later.


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