3rd Term done, and not as easy as I expected

As of 3 o’clock today i’ve completed my third term here at Kettering. Its been a long a not fun ride. I had calculus with Prof. A. Cheng. It was the worst class. She was nuts! After studying for over 30 hours for her final I still don’t think I passed. She made that thing as hard you could possibly think of. I just hope I passed thats all I want. I tried so damn hard too. For some reason I always get screwed outta good math professors, 1st Ernst and now Cheng. Damn give me a flippin break!! Anyways can’t dwell on it. Gotta take what life gives ya and just move on. On a lighter note I’m done with school for the next 3 months, woo hoo!! I dunno what I do sometimes but I just can’t do good in math, why?! Well christmas is around the corner coming up this wednesday. That should be fun. Yesterday was Sarah and I’s year and a half anniversary. We’ve been having some rough times lately. Fighting too much. I don’t like it at all. Hopefully we can work passed everything. We’re both in a great deal of stress right now and much conflict between each other. We’ve had our talk and I think things are definitely going to get better. Its the holidays, its going to fun to be with the person you love! As of now I’m just about packed up any ready to go home. Besides the bare necessities(yes that includes my computer!) are left to pack. Hopefully I can write more later when I know of something interesting going on. Nothing that I can really think of. Exams were this week. Did pretty decent for all my class but calc. Oh almost forgot, seen Drumline last weekend and I have to say, damn good. Liked it lots. Go see it. Might go see it again over the holidays. Other than that things have been really crazy, extremely busy if you can’t tell by the intervals between my journal entries. If I don’t write by Christmas or the new years, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you. I’m going to finish up packing, going home tomorrow. I can’t wait for this break! It’ll be nice. Ayite I’m out, happy holidays!


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