Christmas and New Years 03

Well lemme see where I left of last. I had just finished school and moved back home for the next 3 months. Christmas was decent. No real complaints. We had Christmas Eve at my house with my dad’s side of the family and on Christmas day I went to my cousin Matt’s. Got some nice clothes, gift cards, and other stuff. Sarah got me this awesome coat. I love it lots. I had gotten her Ralph perfume, a DVD, a book, and some foot scrub. I wish I could say everything between Sarah and I have been great, but lately we’ve been having difficulties. There’s so much to it that I don’t have time to explain. I just really, really hope we can work through these bad times and bring out the best of each other. Lately I’ve realized how much I care for this girl and how deeply in love I am with her. I only hope for the best. Well nothing really happened after Christmas. My family went up north for the weekend and I stayed home because I had business to take care of. As I told you before I’ve been working on that website for the photographer. Alls well so far. On New Year’s eve I had people at my house. It was enjoyable. New Year’s day nothing big happened. I went with Sarah to her grandma’s for dinner. Other than that, that sums up my holidays. Wish yours were happy. Today I’m back in the working mode at Roseville Chrysler. Not to enthuised, but in a mellow mood today. Things just feel missing between Sarah and I. I can only hope for the best. Well I’m going to get back to work. Only a few more hours to go. Bye.


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