Workin and workin

Nothin new has came about, just workin. Last nite i worked on my buddy from work’s computer for awhile and didn’t get very far. Last weekend just kinda hung around. Haven’t seen much of Sarah lately. She’s been quite busy. Things are better between us. I won’t see her much this week either, with her exams and she’s going to State for a flute audition. Then she’s stayin there for the weekend to have some fun. I’m gonna miss her lots. I think I’m going to the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) 2003 Saturday. Thats always cool. Anyways I’ll update u later when something new or big comes up. Oh speaking of big the new rollercoaster at Cedar Point is nuts!! 420 feet high, 90 degree lift, 90 degree drop, over 120 miles and hour. When’s it ever going to stop!! I can’t wait to ride this one! Ayite, I’m out!


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