Party Crazy!!!

Last nite I went to this crazy party at a house down the street called the fortess. There had to be atleast 200 people there. I had a few drinks and then I was talkn to a few people from the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and they brought me and one of my buddys Terry with them back to their fraternity house. We party a little more there til like 4 in the morn and then came home. What a crazy nite. It’s college baby. But anyways this morn I woke up round 11:30 and went to lunch. Then later in the afternoon there was this thing where we met all the fraternities and we play this game called capture the girlfriend. In this game there was teams of 30 guys and each had a blowup doll in which the other team was trying to get and bring into there territory. It was a brawl. I got up to the doll and grabbed it but I was just anihalated. There tossed me around like nothing. I got a punch in the face and above my lip it busted up so now its bruised and I got blasted in the shin by a kick. It was nuts. I didn’t end up getting the doll either. Ahh well it was a game. Anyways I got my schedule today. Not exactly what I wanted, but its tolerable. I’m going to try to mix it around so I dont have classes on fridays. I hope alot that it works. I miss Sarah soo much and it would just give me that extra bit of time each week to be with her. I sure can’t wait til this friday!! Well classes start tomo. Yikes!! I think I’m gonna get some sleep 2nite. A few of my buddies went to a frat party tonite. Not me. I can’t do that on a school nite, I’m not going to get caught behind. Besides I’m tired, I spent the last 2 hours practicing football for our team. I think I’ll be playing wide receiver. Then after I did a little 30 minute workout. I’m gonna try to keep myself in shape up here. My body’s achin. I’ll prolly just hang out with Ryan and we’ll prolly just chill around. He’s cool kid. Well I’m gonna go see what he’s up to. I’ll be back lata!! Classes tomo!!


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