Whatta Weekend

Well I know its been awhile since I’ve written a entry, but for my first week of classes recap, everything went well. Classes go on the roll. Not too difficult yet, but surely it is progressing. My classes consist of precalculus, principles of chemistry, written and oral communication, computing and algorithms, and a mandatory student orientation held once a week. Not bad. I’m done with classes by 3:20 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and by 2:15 on Tuesday and Thursday. Oh and Friday was great!! I finally got to come home, my dad picked me up around 3:30. I chilled for a little bit waiting for the Stevenson/Eisenhower football game. Finally when it was time for the game I was there, and as I pictured Sarah was sitting where she normally sits looking better than ever, I guess you never really realize how much you miss someone until its been awhile and see her again. It just makes my day. Well the game was awesome, even though Stevenson lost, but here’s how it happened. First off there was about a minute or two left in the game and Stevenson was losing 17-10, but were on the 8 going in for the score. Fourth down pass missed, but pass interference was the call and now first down and half the distance to the goal! First play after that was a pass into the endzone for a TD. Now tied at 17. After 3 lousy kickoff attempts by the Titans Eisenhower ended up with the ball on the Stevenson’s 40. The were able to move the ball all the way down to the 3 yard line, but couldn’t get in. So they went for the field goal. Shanked it wide, which put the game into overtime. Stevenson one the coin toss getting the first attempt to score start with the ball on the 10. There were unable to put up the points so they went for a field goal (about a 20 yard field goal) and it was kicked short. Then on Eisenhower’s shot to score they went for the field goal on their first play getting it and winning the game 20-17. It was a great game. Later that nite didn’t do much. Spent most the nite with Sarah. The next morning I went to the U of M football game against Purdue. Another great football game. In this game Michigan won!! Later that nite Sarah and I watched Meet the Parents and just chilled. Now on Sunday we had a birthday party for my grandpa, 70 years. It was great. Finally our basement got finished and we had about 65-70 people over. After my grandpa had cut the cake he made his wishes quoting, “Love each other, respect each other, and have as much sex as possible!” He was so crazy, but it was cool. Later that nite my cuz Nick came over and one of my girlfriends friends came over. We tried hooking them up (which might be working) We took them and some other people to the movies to go see Corky Romano, funny movie, but not the greatest. I’m thinking that my cuz Nick and Laura (my g/f’s friend) might try each other. It’d be sweet! Well much later I drove myself back upto Kettering. I already miss Sarah again!! Today I had a Chem test, in which I think went well. Hope it did. Now I’m off to lunch ayite so later!


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