Same ol’ School Stuff

Well this week hasn’t been all that exciting. Mostly working on alot of homework and getting other stuff done. Classes are getting much more difficult. A lot of stuff to do, obviously thats why it’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry. I just got finished working out and playing ping pong with Bruce. My body’s really sore, but its a good thing. Last nite I was awake up til 3 a.m. doing h/w and other stuff(I’ll tell you what that other stuff is next week other wise I’d be giving away something, especially if Sarah reads this) Tomo I’ll be goin home!! BooyaH! Supposively we are to be going to a haunted house tomo nite. And then Saturday, Cedar Point!! Sarah and I will be goin to Cedar Point for the Halloweekend. On Sunday I have my first football game. Should be interesting. I think that we’re pretty good. Yesterday we had a very well ran practice. We were able to run some plays and get them down. I think I remember most of them. We do this crazy thing where we have to tailbacks, one on each side of the QB and the center can snap it to either of the three players. Its extremely confusing for the defense. We kick ass!! Can’t wait til this weekend. It’s gonna be awesome!! I best be getting to my homework now so I’ll recap you later on my weekend. Lata!


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