Random Recordings #3

This is part of a series I call random recordings. You can learn more here: https://anthonymontalbano.com/random-recordings-1/

The following recordings are for March 2017:

  1. The more you become a connoisseur of gratitude, the less you are a victim of resentment, depression, and despair.
  2. Use admin pointers for admin plugins and themes to help guide the user
  3. WP Demo Buddy
  4. Being happy isn’t getting what you want, it’s wanting what you got.
  5. To predict the future, you start with the future and work your way back.
  6. Vision without traction is merely hallucination.
  7. You need leaders that are able to simplify, delegate, predict, systemize and structure.
  8. If you cannot risk, you cannot grow.  If you cannot grow, you cannot become your best.  If you cannot become your best, you cannot become happy.  If you cannot become happy, then, what else matters.
  9. If you’re not happy with the current state, you have 3 choices; live with it, leave it or change it.  If the first 2 are not options, it’s time to admit that you don’t want to live that way any longer.
  10. Your mind is like a parachute, it must be open to work.
  11. Look into Behat for behavioral testing in PHP.


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