Snow, snow, snow

Today did it ever snow! It was a wreck getting to work, but i got here. Um lemme see whats happened since last time i was around. Workin as usual. Um last weekend nothing crazy went on, just chilled. Yesterday I picked up ‘The Ring’. Damn whatta scary movie! I’m excited tho. Oh last week I got myself remote start on my car and days like this its most greatly appreciated!! Couple weeks ago Joe Millionaire finished off, it didn’t end like I thought it did, but still a good series. Sarah and I seen ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, finally. I really liked it too. Good movie. Between us things are changing, but I think we’re gonna be ok. Do I ever love her, I know that, and I know she loves me. Thats’ what is going to make this last, I know it!! Man, I really have nothing new to present to you, been playin alot of online games, keeping well occupied, so that is where I’m gonna leave you check out Flash Flash Revolution and if you’ve played the original Super Mario Bros for NES then I know u’ll appreciate this, along with a good laugh, click here to see the Mario Twins film Til then take care of all yurselves and Sarah, yur forever in my heart. Out


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