Well for Valentine’s day, things seemed to go well. Sarah and I spent most of our time at her grandpa’s for his birthday. Later that night we went to the movies to see Darkness Falls. Alright movie, kinda corny. Oh for Valentine’s day I got her this big teddy bear that had our names embroidered in it’s foot. The bear was also holding a gift. It was awesome. I was so excited and so was she! She got me this really cute boxing gorilla that said “You’re a knockout” For the rest of the weekend nothin much happened. Sarah had gone skiin for the weekend to Tuesday. I did what I do most, work. Then yesterday Sarah and I went to Mt. Holly and went skiing. It’s been awhile since I skied, but I think I did pretty decent. We had alotta fun. Later that night Sarah went out with her friend and I went with Rachel and Brian driving around to drive thru’s doing stupid things. Interesting night. This weekend I’m not really sure whats goin on, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. I really don’t have much to share with you. My life isn’t always entertaining, but it does have it’s moments. Umm ayite I’m gone. Be back with more later.


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