Upcoming V-Day, etc…

Well lemme see where I left off. Sarah and I weren’t all so happy, but as of now we’re much better. It seems like a lotta ups and downs, but I think things are overall inclinating. I’m happy. This past weekend nothing really big went on. Saturday my great uncle had passed away. I’ve been at his funeral for the past 3 days. Not a happy time. Homecoming was the previous weekend and that was fun. Sarah and I had a really good time. It was a really good weekend. Works been quite wack lately. Been really busy at times. I actually found a few minutes to sit down and continue in my journal. I have finished that website for the photographer. I think it went well. Umm tomorrow as we all know is Valentine’s day and I’m really excited! I can’t tell what I did for Sarah yet for that she might find out to soon, but it’s so awesome, oh, oh so awesome. Other than that life’s been quite well. I got a bonus at work, again. Going to probably get remote start on my car with that! Good stuff. Gotta go tho. Hope everyone has kick ass valentines, be good! I will! Ha!


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