The Game, Thanksgiving, and more!

So it’s been a while since last post. Yeah I left a short and simple one last weekend but I’m back to fill ya in on the past few weeks. The past few weeks have definitely been of quite interest.

Last Saturday (being the 22nd) my cousins Nick, Matt, friend Roy, and I drove out to Ann Arbor for the biggest college football rival of ’em all! UofM/Ohio State. We didn’t have tickets or anything yet just tailgated the whole game. We brought a TV, football and some refreshments. It was so exciting to see Michigan clinch a Rose Bowl birth and knock the Buckeyes out of the BCS taking charge and winning the game 35-21. A beautiful day! After the game I slept a little, since I didn’t get much sleep from the night before then went out with the same group of people to a party out at some 25 and van dyke. Wasn’t there for long and ended calling the night early. Sunday slept lots and then spent half the day at Natalie’s with her family making canoles. Those things were quite good! Gotta love the Italian families, always have the greatest food!

As for the rest of the week, a short one (only 3 days), I was extremely busy with school trying to study for exams, finish projects and get ready for the weekend. I had a Calc and Phys exam that week and a huge project for my Written and Oral class. Got the exams all taken care of and actually last night I just finished my paper.

Thanksgiving was very nice. I love the food, so so much. We had Thanksgiving at my house with the family watching football, as what we always do on Thanksgiving. Damn I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner, wow does time fly quick! Later Thanksgiving day night I went over Natalie’s grandma’s house to spend some time with her family. And in discussion we all found something quite ironic and interesting!

After talking to her family I had mentioned that back in my family tree are Novak’s and well same in Natalie’s. So we started talking about this and come to find out Natalie’s grandma’s first cousin is my grandpa’s first cousin, which if you look at it that would make Natalie like my 8th cousin!! What the hell?! What are the odds of that happening. Below is a picture of the Novak family from which we both are connected too. Who’da thought that a picture like this would be of family to the both of us?! What a small small world. And yeah for sure my mom was on the phone with Natalie’s grandma for some time and they were able to make so many connections and relate so many names. Also after Christmas we will be going up to my grandpa’s place in Cedar, Michigan (located north of Traverse City in the Leelanau pennisula) where the Novak family once lived. My grandpa now owns the property where the Novak’s once farmed. So funny but Natalie will be coming to see her ancestors old property, heh, damn!

Anyways for the day after Thanksgiving day sales I did what I always do. Late Thanksgiving day nite I along with friends camp out in front of Best Buy all night to be the first people in the store. This year was quite interesting. As the last hour neared and the doors were going to be open a few kids thought they’d just stand at the front of the line and cut. So we starting throwing shit at them and calling names, I just happen to have a full gallon of cider in my car and suggested to pour it on them. But these kids were quite weird. One of the kids made a deal that if we let him cut then we could pour a gallon of cider on his head. Keep in mind its really cold outside already, and raining. So sure enough this kid ended up all sugary and sticky and cold covered in cider. Click here to see a small website I made for the night It was a kick ass night/morning. I didn’t really buy anything, just some blank CD’s. I more over just go for fun.

The rest of Friday was just sleeping and sleeping since I didn’t sleep at all the night before. Saturday again just relaxed then spent a couple hours at Verizon wireless because my phone is a piece of shit and they fucked up my bill, but of course nothing got resolved. I had to go home after that and finish writing my mini-thesis for class. Ugh did that suck spent the rest of my Saturday night til 1:30 am writing a 27 page paper. I’m so glad that its done though. As for today just going to relax as much as I can before I have to head back up to school. Only 2 more full weeks of class, then exams and I’m home for the holidays and through the winter til April!

So far so good, life has been quite hectic and I’ve had many things on my mind, but gotta love life and be thankful for everything you have. Happy Holidays y’all and God bless.

P.S. Natalie, love you much

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wow,your weekend was quite hectic..the pouring cider over the kid was really funny,haha. ;D

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