The OC Baby

Ayite last nite was the conclusion of the of so favorite OC, well for the summer. By far one of the greatest TV shows I’ve ever watched, lol I get so into it!! Anyways last nite was one of the most intense and suspenseful shows ever. And grr now I have to wait 6 damn weeks to see it again?! What am I going to do with myself? I’m glad that Marissa got to see Luke’s true colors and oh the chemistry between Marissa and Ryan is just overflowing. When there were by the snack machine, damn I just wanted them to kiss!!! And now with the fate of Marissa and her huge mistake he may never get the chance. Oh and between Summer and Seth, hmm seems to be heating up a bit, who knows. And just to think that I have to wait a gruesome 6 weeks for the continuation of this show and to find the outcome of all that is going on? FOX, damn it, you kill me! But thats good for them cause at the very least they got one kid addicted to that show. Starting in October the fall season will be at 9pm on Thursday nights. Whoa this show is awesome and now to forget every damn girl even the mothers are hot! And the comedy and the stories, and the characters, damn such a good show, lol I’m crazy!! ayite then I’m out OH B.T.W just wanted to let y’all know southernblonde is declared my OC Babe. I don’t really know anyone else whom enjoys the show as much as I do and it’s I’m glad I have her to talk to about it, thanks OC Babe. lol. (Click here to see the newest graphix I created of her, a true beauty eh?)

As for other things…this weekend I’m planning on going to Club Bleu where my boy DJ Robby will be live and in the mix. That’ll be a blast, chillin in the VIP Lounge and all. Other than that nothing really is planned thats the gist of things. Oh and also I’ve been working on a website for my parents place up north. It’s coming out cool so far. Unfortuneatly the servers’ been down the past couple of days so it isn’t viewable, but I guess check back periodically to see if its up. Later y’all, ciao!


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