What’s left for this semester:

(just sitting and class, on the computer, bored, and started thinking….)
School is shitty, yet it’s just a few obstacles away…..

Computing & Algorithms III

Finish take home final exam (by Monday 14th)

System Programming Concepts

Finish program assignment 5 (by Wednesday 16th)
Finish program assignment 6 (by Wednesday 16th)
Finish program assignment 7 (by Wednesday 16th)
Finish and demostrate Unix/Linux presentation (today)
Finish take home final exam (by Monday 14th)

Newtonian Mechanics

Do final review homework problems (by Monday 14th)
Take final exam (Thursday 17th 7:30a.m.)

Computer Architecture & Organization

Finish lab 8 on the multicycle MIPS processor with automated control (by Tuesday 15th)
Take final exam (Friday 18th 7:30a.m.)

History of Economic Thought

Finish 15 page paper on an economist (by Thursday 17th)
Take final exam (Thursday 17th 3:00p.m.)

…..that’s all that I have left to do in the next 7 days. Okay, maybe its a little overwhelming, but with 168 hours to do this, it can be done. Just can’t wait for the summer much longer…..

Tonight: Game 3 of the NBA finals….in Auburn Hills, MI



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