Memorial Weekend, Graduation, Birthday, last weeks of school….

1 Weekend ago: Memorial Weekend
For the holidays I went with my family and Nat’s family up to Port Austin/Caseville.
Natalie came and picked me up friday morning from my apartment up at Kettering and we left. First we went to her place, unpacked her stuff then drove over to my place. Later that night we went back to her cottage and slept. The next day my cousins Nick and Matt, along with Jenny and Kristy came up. We all hung out and just were being damn lazy. As always we made sure we hit up Joe’s pizza (best damn pizza ever), a lil Grindstone ice cream and seen a movie in the lil’ Bad Axe movie theatre (Shrek 2). Damn, that movie was just as good as the first, hilarious. Saturday night Natalie and I set up a tent and slept in it together and Sunday night Matt and Kristy joined us. I went and picked us up some “drinks” and we watched a movie and drank it up in the tent. Fun nite. It was the tent-o-love that night, hehe. We had to leave on Monday b/c Natalie had to go for her interview Tuesday morning for a new job.

….And as of that Tuesday, Natalie now works at the Applebees by Lakeside. Go her, congrats babe. Since it was the holidays I had an extended weeked (which I was so happy for) and only a 3-day school week. So this past week, another crazy one, was my sister, Sienna’s graduation, and my brother, Justin’s birthday.

Last weekend:
Friday night Natalie and I, along with Rachel and B-Rad came over my house. We played a “dirty game” then called it a night. Saturday I had lots of running around to do. First of we found our 8th and final group member for our Myrtle Beach trip!! A good friend of Rob, Renee Fox, joined us. We’re all excited that she’s coming with us and can’t wait much longer til we depart! Later that day I was helping around the house getting it ready for peoples to come over for my sisters graduation. Now that we live in a new house, we have like this clubhouse thing in our neighborhood that has a pool and fitness center, so Natalie and I went and worked out together, something we’ll be doing much more often.

So Saturday night was my sister, Sienna’s, graduation from Stevenson High School (where I’m an alumni too). It was at the Palace of Auburn Hills, as always, and it all went well. Later that night we had family members over for pizza and stuff like that. As for Sunday, it was my brother Justin’s 15th birthday. Again, we had people over for that. It was a really busy weekend, but we had a good time with the family.

I’m sure you all know about the Pistons and their kicking of L.A.’s ass in the finals on game 1 Sunday night. I’m so hype about it. It’s so awesome and unbelievable where we are right now and how sweet the Pistons are! Ironic fact: June 6th, 1989, Pistons were playing in the NBA finals against the Lakers and won and my brother Justin was born during the game.
June 6th, 2004, Pistons played in the NBA finals against the Lakers and won and it’s my brother’s 15th birthday. Go Pistons! Game 2 tonight!!

The rest of the week is going to be extremely busy as this school semester comes to a close. But basically by the end of this week I’ll be completed with 3 of my 5 classes and the proceeding week will basically be study time for Physics and Computer Architecture. Ahh I can’t wait much longer, I’m really looking forward to the summer, which is oh so close.

This weekend, maybe to the drive-in, anyone wanna join? Dial the digits. As for now I need to doing so more fucking homework/projects/programs that’ll keep me way to occupied for the next couple days. Damn, school is so hard! Ayite, later.


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