Natalie’s Parties, Moving, Upcoming weeks, School Winding Down…..

Hot Damn! So much has been going on lately. Two weekends ago we made our final move into our new house into Rochester Hills. It’s been a long move, but things have gone well and we’re in! It’s weird to think that you don’t live in the same house anymore and everything is so different, so new, so changed. That past Friday night Natalie and I just chilled at her house. Then Saturday night we had a few people over her house for some drinkin. Good Times.

Over the past week it’s been quite busy. I’ve had so many projects and lab work for class, it’s killing me. I hope I can pull everything out by the end of this semester. Last weekend we need some more cleaning and unpacking in the new house. Friday night: Champagne, Strawberries, Roses, Aromatherapy, Bathtub, Candles, Natalie = Great night. Saturday Natalie and I (actually just me, since she was sleeping most of the time, damn cute though) unpacked my bedroom and got most of it setup. Later Saturday night we decided to have peoples over again. This time the turnout was a lil larger. It was overall a good night. Nat’s ex and his new g/f came, that was weird, WTF. Ahh well, whatever, still a great night. Natalie had a few drinks (she was happy). I took care of her though, hehe, i love her.

Sunday I went to Natalie’s dance for a little bit, we got something to eat after. Went back to the new house, our deck was being built (probably done by now). It looks really good. The view our the back of our house is so sweet! (Pictures to come!) Later Sunday we went to Nat’s grandma’s. Damn did it ever rain this weekend! It just kept coming. There were floods everywhere and a lot of roads were closed. I ended coming back up to school early Monday morning.

I’ve been really busy this week. I’ve got so much shit to do for school as this semester winds down. I’ve been trying to schedule for classes, and well there really isn’t many more course left that I have to take, 15 to be exact. And since I’ve been taking 5 courses a semester (20 credits) Thats only 3 semesters away. WOW. Things are really going fast. Yesterday I spent all day working on 3 labs for Computer Architecture and Computing & Algorithms. It was a long day. But they’re all done and damn does that feel good! Today, I have a few things to take care of before tonight.

If none of you follow the Pistons this playoffs, fuck off. They’re hot this year and it’s awesome. Tonight I’m going to game 3 of the east finals. It’s gonna be kick ass. Go Pistons!

For the rest of this week I still have a lot to do before the weekend. This weekend is Memorial Weekend, extended weekend, and I can’t wait much longer! Friday morning I have an exam then Natalie’s coming up here to get me and we’re on our way to Port Austin/Caseville for the weekend. I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so awesome. Rachel and Brad, I believe, are coming with us too. Only 2 more days. Next week’s gonna suck, projects, exams. But this weekend is gonna be so nice. So excited about it.

I keep getting more and more anxious for this summer. Right now this is 8th week. Only 9th, and 10th week left. Then exams and I’m done! It really isn’t that much left. I can’t wait much longer. Only 64 more days til Myrtle Beach!! Ok I gotta get something to eat. So much to do and so little time.

I love her.


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