2 Years Baby!

It’s now been 2 full years of my life in script. I started my live journal 2 years ago today. Woo Hoo Happy LJ Birthday!! So that means that you all know what I’ve been upta or how I felt over the past 2 years, lucky you! Well nothing new really has gone on. Yesterday I went with Matt, Nick, and Jenny to Clintondale/Mt. Clemens football game, Clintondale won. Then we couldn’t have been more bored driving around Groesbeck and Gratiot with literally nothing to do at all. As for today, Michigan game woo hoo!! Go Blue!! Then later 2nite going to have some people over, mostly good friends from the KU. Only 3 or so more weeks and I’m back in the studies, ughh! Oh, question to all you LJ readers, would you reccommend me writing shorter entries? Cuz I have the tendecy to write once a week with really long entries, but I was thinking that if I write shorter entries people will actually read it more and comment. I dunno I kinda feel a lil lonely in the LJ world, lol, what a loser I am, hehe. Anyways 2 years of my life in the past and oh so many wonderful more to come. God Bless. Ciao!

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Anonymous says:

I personally enjoy your longer entried rather than your short ones. You go into great detail about everything and it’s a joy to read. So, I suggest you stick with the long ones. I’m not sure what it would take to get more people to comment on them, because I know I like to read about your recent life experiences and don’t always know how to comment on them. So keep up with the writing! 😉


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