God Bless Us All

Today would mark the 2 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. I still can remember that day, I was driving on my way to work and the radio cut off straight to news radio about the towers. It was too much for me to believe and sure enough when I got to work everyone was talking about it. So a few guys went to the local K-Mart and bought TV’s and for the rest of the day we sat around the tubes watching the most scariest thing. We will remember always that day and the many people lost. If anything I would say that with such the tragedy it has brought America closer. Sad to say that, that the fact that it took something as drastic as that to unite. We all take our everyday privelages and freedom for granted and should be much more thankful for what we have. God bless us all and the ones whom lost their loved ones, forever in our prayers we will hold. God Bless The USA!!

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I don’t think I could of said it better myself. It’s a shame like you said that it took something as tragic and devastating at this to bring us all together. I can still remember where I was and what I was doing on that day too. It doesn’t seem like it was two years ago..it feels like it was just yesterday :/ I like to see that you wrote about it not many people have said anything about it surprisingly on my friend’s page yet :/ God Bless <3

<33 Tiff

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