Happy Birthday Marisa

Ok things have still been pretty busy, last week wasn’t much more than the usual work week, my ear got pretty bad it was all swollen up like Dumbo and hurt like hell, but with the little help of Neosporin (thanks Tiff!!) it’s really made it go down, actually much much better now. On Thursday I went up to Eastern Mich to visit Rachel, we just chilled for the most part, watched my show, Temptation Island, woo hoo! Then later that nite we went to U of M to visit Nikki. She has an awesome dorm room, damn! And oh was it a tease seeing her season tickets to the Michigan football, grr I want those! As for Friday I went and seen Dickie Roberts with PJ, decent movie, expected more though, later that nite I went with Rachel and Jenny to some kids house for a party, they ended up leaving me and i was not sober with a bunch of random people i didnt know, lol interesting nite, oh also Friday was my lil sister Marisa’s 10th birthday! So for Saturday we had people over and she had a sleep over with all of her lil friends. Later that nite Rachel, Matt and I went to MSU for some parties!! Well first we went to Erin’s dorm and just chilled then over to Dave’s APT, and when we were leaving that Rachel and a friend were stopped by the cops b/c of an alcoholic container they had. So for like 45 mins we waited and waited for them and finally they were let go without any tickets or MIP’s damn and they did take breathalizers so they were pretty lucky. So after that we went to a party out on Abbott which was interesting, I was waiting for the girls to get outta the bathroom and too random girls came up to me and were like, you’re really hot and got all embarassed and walked away, they were really drunk tho, so thats prolly why they would say something like that, hehe. Anyways we went back to Dave after that and Erin’s friend Shayla sang for me on the walk back, she sounded pretty good, damn I wish I could sing. Anyways wehn we got back towards Dave’s Matt and I went to Capitol Villa b/c Nikki (angelbaby1206) had called me and told me bout a party. It was crazy like a huge high school reunion from good ‘ol SHS, hmm. After that it was back again to Daves where everyone was already passed out or left so we just went back to Erin’s and crashed. Sunday I had my cousins baptism reception at the Mirage and later that night I was just chillin at home when I received a call to go out to the movies, we never did see a movie yet sat at Big Boys just wasting time. As now for today I’m back again here at work with many many troubles and I’ve been more than busy, grr. And see last week I created a few graphics for my good friend Tiffany (southernblonde) which came out awesome! She’s a beauty!! Click here and here to see them. I was really looking forward to making more of them here at work but today was a helluva busy day. So I sit here takin this small break to write here and not looking forward to the rest of the work week. Tomorrow is the OC and I can’t wait for that and Thursday is Temptation Island, TV can sometimes get addictive. As for this upcoming weekend I’ll be again at State for the 3rd weekend in a row for the 2nd Birthday Bash 2003 for Dan Webb. It’s gonna be a doozie! Oh i think that everyone should know if they haven’t already that the RIAA has taken affirmative action on the piracy of music and I think everyone should read this article. Click here to read about the actions I want everyone to know b/c I don’t want any of my friends in trouble for this. Actually I’m curious, do people actually read my journal? I was just wondering cuz I’ve only been writing in it for the past 2 years and if I’m lucky I’ll get a comment. Hmm anyways if ya do then til next time take care y’all!


allstarchic says:

I read your journal all the time and look forward to reading about your party life, lol. I just don’t always comment cuz I’m not sure what to say, but if that happens again I’ll just say hi to let you know that there are a few people who still read your journal. 🙂 I hope work goes by fast, I know this week is going to suck at school cuz every teacher is giving a test, so its going to be a mini hell week. Oh well, life goes on. Ttyl

<3 Beth <3

Happy Belated Birthday Marisa!!! My most favorite ten year old in the whole entire world 🙂 🙂

now on to you mr. anthony lol,

I read your journal..that’s good news huh!? hehe 🙂

you are very welcome for the ear “trick” and thank you for including me in on your entry and telling people I was a “beauty” you really shouldn’t lie to your friends though 😉

I’m glad you seemed to have a good week/weekend and you’re lucky I should be the one hanging out w/ my wifey lol <3 can’t wait for us to talk tues. night oc babyyy hehe 🙂

*love ya* Tiff

wasn’t that just a high school reunion?? that was crazy. I was so out of it for some reason. Did you get anything out of the 3rd keg?

Anonymous says:


I have to say that I check your journal quite often and read what you are up to. It’s fun to read and nice to see what’s going on in your life. Sorry last weekend was kind of a bust, hopefully this weekend you’ll have a good time, cuz That is what State is all about!


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