Crazy ass busy weekend

Well, wow has it been a very action packed week since last time written. Umm lemme see a week or so ago I had painted my room and well wow was that a disaster. See first I had gotten the paint that my father had told me to use and so I got it shaken up and then cleared out my room and painted. Well it was nice to see my room in a beautiful minty greenish blue, but it didn’t match a damn thing!! I was like oh well we’re not gonna be in this house much longer anyways so I can just live with it for a few more months. Then my ma gets home and is like what the hell did you do to your room?!! She’s like u painted it the wrong color!! So that later nite I repainted my room to the correct white-ish gray. Everything looked much better after that. And now lemme see um I watched the OC and Newlyweds Tuesday nite and may I say every damn girl on the OC is beautifully hot! Even their mothers, lol, besides that it’s a really awesome show and I’m really disappointed that I missed the first few episodes so if anyone has then on back file and u wouldn’t mind me borrowing them for the time alotted, it would very much be appreciated, thanks! So ya know tonite I’ll be blazing my eyes on the tube watching the OC. As for Wednesday, nothing outta the ordinary just got bored and decided to get my ear cartlidge pierced, something new eh?, Thursday I was talkn to this person I happen to come across on the internet and discovered that he was only a kilometer or so from my work and we were talkn bout stereo systems. He (Marc) said he had a few problems with his and I offered to help him out, so after work I went over his house to check out his stereo, and yeah there were some problems. He also had some of his females there too whom I met. But I had to expire the nite soon to glue my eyes onto the premiere of Temptation Island 3, and what do ya know I get home and fuckin-A the damn Lions preseason game was on and I missed the premiere, that just through the night to shit, lol. So I just watched the MTV VMA’s with Madonna, Britney, and Christina kissing, oo la la!! As for Friday I had a gathering at my house in which I invited Marc and his debutantes to. So the gathering was quite the turn out and I didn’t barely get any sleep that night for the fact that I offered to help Rachel move up to Eastern the next morn. So Saturday morn we drove out to Eastern Mich and help rachel set up in her new dorm, aww my lil one is going away to college, hehe. So after the whole situating of her dorm I came back home cleaned up the house from the prev night and then Neil came over and we took off for Michigan State. Oh was it ever an awesome nite lol, I believe the pictures don’t even touch the surface of how crazy and fun the night was, Click here to see them Neil while at work had found a poster on the wall and decided to paste everyones drunk face onto it and it was the funniest picture and the rest of the nite was crazy. Since it was Marv’s birthday he definitely drank a lot. See we’re all doing this Birthday Bash thing for our 21st birthday and Marv’s was the inaugural party, which was a great start! As for the next morn I woke up and left from East Lansing to Port Austin which took a forever 3.32 hours b/c of an accident on I-69, but I got there. It was beautiful up there with the fam. We just relaxed, played the usual Euchre and by 10 that night i was out from the exhaustion of previous few days. It was one of the greatest sleeps. As for Labor Day we just chilled, packed up and drove back home to the good ol Sterling Heights. A crazy ass weekend!! So now we’re going to prepare our house for sale, b/c we’re moving!! Umm other than that I believe that summarizes the week, lol, yeah…. so now I’m working it up at fun fun Roseville Chrysler. And since I prolly won’t be writing til next week, happy birthday Lisa!! (her b-day is the proceeding day of today (Sept 3rd)) Woo Hoo!! Ayite I’m back to this hectic busy life!! Catch ya’s all up later with the latest! Ciao!


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