A blue rose

Ok I have a few things I’m going to get off my chest and I’m going to save the best for last. First things first the past week was definitely a busy one and for the weekend I went with my roommate Justin, and Jenny and Blake up to Central Michigan for the weekend, it was the weekend I needed, just to get away from everyday busy life and just sit on the porch and relax, ahhh. Had fun at all the many parties too! Central is definitely hoppin’!! LOL. Anyways as I had said in the last entry how I met this wonderful girl, Tiffany, online we have been talking a lot. Well it turned into something I never wanted it to and never expected. We’ve been really happy with each other and she truely is a very unique and wonderful person. But we’ve had some complications lately, see when we started with everything we really didn’t take much thought behind what we were doing and we were really happy. I just thought that through all we’ve been through that if we were to take things more seriously we should slow it down and take things in slower. That is where I got the inspiration for this poem:

The Blue Rose

It’s something nobody truly knows
The magic and poison of the blue rose,
An awe in nature something I’ve never seen before
Glows through your eyes oh so ever more
It’s a beauty quite unique to anything else I’ve seen
I don’t know where I’m at with it, I feel in between
Something new to my eyes fascinates me more
Yet the reassurance of safe to touch is needed in lore
What am I to experience, is it good or bad?
Will it leave me in wealth of happy or sad?
What is a blue rose and will I be deceived?
Or will the power of its essence grow from this very seed?
What I do know now is that I see the light that it needs to grow
There’s no need to rush the presence that it will bestow
So I will proceed with caution on the sight of a blue rose
Even though the aroma of its charm is right beneath my nose
If it really exists then it is here for a reason
Its bloom may just be waiting for that special season
No need to force the strengths of nature yet let it take its course
Because tampering the intricate perfection may cause remorse
The thorns exists for this very unique cause
To admonish the strength of what exists now as flaws
The blue rose is something more than just another flower
It beautifies in time, much more than a daily hour
Until I’ve touched the face of its petal and the beauty it does possess
Then will I know that I’ve truly been of a bless
As for now let me study the fascinating design the blue rose has to hold
And with each revolution of the earth will its true history unfold
Its nonsense to hide the ambience that this rose has to accrue
Eventually I’ll see the truly unique beauty of why this rose is blue

Please let me know what you think about what this poem as to say and whether you agree on it or not? Right now I’m so confused with everything thats going on and I only wish for the best. Hope everyone has a superb week and I’ll be back soon enough


sweetguy4u says:

sorry man, didn’t read the peom… it’s too late too… i’m tired as hell.. but i know EXACTLY how u feel… just make sure u don’t FUCK things up like i did, and the part about her being unique.. you got that right.. and beautiful at that… but i did something stupid, and she never forgave me for it… so u make sure u treat her as good as u treat your mom… i mean even if it doesn’t become nothing, at least make it a friends thing… cause i fucked that up… i mean i miss her… but i can’t do shit about it, cause she hates me… so damnit man, u better be GOOD to her.. that’s all i’m sayin

admin says:

I’m sorry to hear that, it must have been really bad b/c by now she would have forgiven you. Everybody does make mistakes, but some people can tolerate so much. I don’t have intentions of wrong. Soon enough tho, hopefully she will talk to you again, time heals.

sweetguy4u says:

i hope so… cause yeah, you know how she is… and yeah, i at least want like 1% of that!! 🙁

allstarchic says:

That is a really really really good poem. I write poems but nothing like that. I hope you can work everything out. I don’t like to see either of you sad or confused. I’m sure with a little bit of time then all will be come clear. I hope you have a great day, and if u ever need to talk u have my sn. Byes

<3 Beth <3

admin says:

Thank you, poetry is great, I just get into a different mood when I sit there and write, it really helps me express my feelings, kinda theraputic for me! We’ll see how things go, I don’t have wrong intentions, its just not in me to.

Anonymous says:

see, i comment…

so not only did i read the whole thing, i enjoyed it. lol it’s not too long. the only thing i’d give you criticism on is to take each group of lines and rearange them a bit so that it doesn’t seem so scattered. the meaning and purpose are awesome and great, but it would make it 10 times better if the lines flowed together. if you have no idea what i’m talking about, then nevermind. lol or talk to me because i’m really good at the whole writing thing.


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