Archive: December 2001

Wonderful Christmas

Well today is Christmas and it definetly was a great one!! First off I finally finished my exams and moved completely out of my dorm. I’m so happy, I have the next three months to stay home!! Anyways I got so much cool stuff for Christmas. Such as many sweaters, cds, many things for Sarah and I to do together, and of course plenty of candy. It was such a great day!! Yesterday we went to my grandparent Montalbano’s for the annual Christmas Eve party. The food was great. I had so much. Mario and I spent most of the evening playin Dave Mirra BMX. It’s a pretty sweet game. Today I was a great day!! Matt’s family, my grandma, and aunt Karen came over today. Much fun. Oh and 2 days before Christmas Sarah and I exchanged our gifts! She got me a Red Wing ticket, a cool camera, a nice sweatshirt, chocolate sardines, and a necklace. The gifts are so so cool. I love her to death!! I got her this diamond heart necklace and a Kettering hoodie. She loves me to death to!! It’s such a great Christmas. This break has been awesome. Tommorrow, though, I am going up north to my grandpa’s for snow mobiling and snow activities. Sarah was suppose to come but because of change of plans she won’t be able to. 🙁 It’ll still be fun though. I just wish I could figure a way so that I can see her on New Year’s Eve. I’m happy I’m going up there and everything, but I just really really wish I could be with her for the final minutes of 2001. I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’ll be ok. I see her soon enough. Well I best be goin I still have to pack for tommorrow!! Lata!! I’ll be back as soon as I can!!! Merry Christmas to everyone!! Hope your’s was as great as mine!! Happy New Year’s too!!

Last Week!!….and exams.

Well I’m on the last week of my term and it’s crazy. Well first off last weekend I didn’t do much. Driving home was nuts, there was snow all over and it took almost 2 hours to get home. Saturday nite was my parents Christmas party so I spent the nite at Sarah’s. Sunday was just a lay ’round day. Then today and yesterday was my last two days of school. Woo hoo!!! But the downside, exams Thursday and Saturday. So the next day and a half or so I will be studying my ass off!! I need a 61 on my precalc test to pass and a 73 on my chem test to pass. I think I will be able to pull it off. But I’m really goinn gto have to work hard. It’s been tough and I can’t wait til Christmas break! It’ll feel so good to not have to worry about anything for a while. Then work starts up second week of January. Oh yeah and I have my court date for my ticket on the 4th of January. I hope that goes well. Anyways I can’t talk too much, got exams to study for. Lata!!

Christmas Party!

Lets see well last friday I had a Calc test and then I decided to leave home early and I suprised Sarah and picked her up from school. I took her to her flute practice and which I went out and got her christmas gift. It’s a……..oh wait I can’t write that here. Guess yur gonna have to wait til christmas to find out!! Anyways later that nite we went bowling for Angela’s b-day, some fun stuff! Saturday I didnt do much, I spent most of the day cleaning up my room. Then Sarah and went shopping for family christmas gifts. It was a long day. After I help Sarah and her family bring home their christmas tree. Then we were gonna go 2 shannon’s, but Sarah didnt feel to well so I went and them damn bastards didn’t save me any pizza!! So I left. On Sunday we went to the Montalbano christmas party at fern hill. Fun stuff, but again I had to leave the party and come back to muhh school. I had a mega chem exam 2 day in which I spent my time studying. I think I did fairly well!! I hope so, I really need this like whooahh for a passing grade! And I got my Calc test back today, a big 90!! HELL YA!!! I’m happy, I think I’m gonna pass this class for good now. All that I have left is next week…..EXAMS!! Well I best be goin. I’m gonna chill. I need a break. Be back lata for another update!

Lazy Weekend

Well there wasn’t much to say about this weekend. Spent most of it just chillin. On friday I came home a wee bit earlier than normal and went Joe Dumars for volleyball and Michelle P.’s birthday. Then after we went to Joe’s Crab Shack. Volleyball was fun and so was Joe’s. After we went back to Matt Muir’s for a lil while. But Sarah and I went back early and we just hung out at her house for a while and watched While You Were Sleeping. On Saturday I spent most of the day with Rachel. I took her to Best Buy to get her new hardware for her computer. So I spent most of the makin her computer sweet. I added a 40 gig hard drive, a ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon graphics card, and 256 megs of RAM. Its sweet now! For the rest of the day we just laid around. Sarah and I rented Legally Blonde and then just laid around some more. Sunday was even a lazier day. I picked up Sarah round 1 and we just slept at my house for hours until I had to come back up to where I am now. So ya it was a wonderful weekend as always. I liked that weekend. But now I’m back in the pandemonium here at KU. So I should get back work, I have alot to accomplish this week. I have only 2 more weeks!! Hell ya! Ayite lata!