Archive: March 2002

Week Off

Well I finished my second work term at Roseville Chrysler and now I have this whole week off to get ready for school again. It was, again, a very successful work term. I’m looking forward to seeing what the final production of the newsletter I created looks like. Anyways I’m home now, been lazy the past few days, but its great. I’ve put aside what I’ll be bring back up to school. The rest of my family is leaving thursday to Florida for sping break, where PJ and I would be going to but school changes those things. Anyways I’m still going to have a good Easter, I’ll be spending it with Sarah. Saturday I have to move back up into my dorm. It’s kinda stupid that they do it over Easter weekend, but they really don’t care when it is. This school term should be better. Oh also I’ve been getting quite in depth with flash and I’m hoping to redo my website soon. I’ll let you know as soon as its done. My cars been giving me shit again and it’s really starting to bother me, but other than that everything has been going great. Sarah and I are happier than ever, it’s going to be hard, again leaving her, but we’ll manage. Love her so much! Well I better get back to getting ready for school, only 3 more days, and I’m back in the books, ahh! Ayite, peace!

St. Patty’s Day

Sunday was St. Patricks Day and my fathers 44th birthday. We had plenty of food to eat. It was great. Saturday I worked like the whole day at my uncle’s house with PJ. We did a lot of the prep work for the house to be painted. Then later that nite PJ, Karrie, Sarah and I went to see Resident Evil. PJ and I liked it, but the girls detested it! They were so scared and grossed out by it. But I can just remember about 5 years ago when PJ and I use to play the original Resident Evil for Playstation and was scary. And the movie was great. Anyways Monday I decided to visit Erin Ross, who I haven’t seen in like a year. It was an akward situation. I dunno. It’s good to keep in touch with old friends. Don’t think anything though, I still love Sarah like whoa! Yesterday was Sarah and I’s 9 month. Wasn’t exactly how we planned but things worked its ways out. We were trying to do an English project for her in Flash, not the greatest idea. Didn’t exactly work out. Today Dave, the other co-op student came in for us to go over topics on work so that he can pick up when I leave. Less than 2 weeks til I go back to school. I feel much more confident about this term than the last one. I think I’ll do much better. It was just hard getting into the jist of things. My cars been a little shitty lately, but other than that my life’s quite well. Still haven’t got that e-mail on that job, but we’ll see. Anyways works winding down and I’m really running out of things to do. I’ve been fooling around with my website. You should go check it out at if you click here. There isn’t much done with it yet, but I’m getting there. I’m working on a flash version of it, but haven’t came to a fully publishable page yet. But I’ll be sure to let you know when its done. Well I better go find something to do at work. Only 2 mo hours at this biotch! See ya’s soon! Peace!

Damn Car

My car again has another problem with it. I definitely want a new one soon. I just had a new transmission put into it and a week later its doing it again. I really am getting sick of this thing. Well anyways this week has been pretty mundane. Haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. Works been kinda boring lately. About a month ago I created a newsletter they’re using here at the dealership, and its going to be published, but I’m still waiting on getting all the revisions to the articles. Other than that I’ve start organizing and cleaning up old computers here in stock. Yesterday I went to the new Coney Island on 11 and Gratiot. It’s really nice. Alex (a kid I met here at work) and I went. I had no money to pay, and I was gonna pay with a credit card, but they didnt except credit cards. So I got my meal for 2 bucks cuz thats all I had on me. It was nice. Anyways today I’m working again. I’ll prolly goto Sarah’s later today and we’re gonna watch Next Friday. She bought it for me becuz I helped clean her room on Monday. I think it was a good deal, you should seen that room!! Looks awesome now. I gotta get back too work, oh speaking of work. I got another reply from the website guy I think I might be doing some website shit. I hope things follow through. I’m off back to work now. Peace! How much you know bout me, click here to find out! Just take the damn quiz! Thanx!

It’s all catching up on me

Well it’s been awhile since the last time I wrote, but I’m back. First off the scary dude in the grey van has vanished, haven’t seem him since last Sunday nite. The rest of that week was pretty mundane. Nothing to exciting happened. Friday nite Sarah and I went with my cousins Nick and his girlfriend Amanda, and Matt and his girlfriend Kristy to the ice rink. Nick and I were trying to do the hockey stop when he went completely airborn and landed on his head. It was crazy. He was fine after though. After skating we went to the movies to see 40 day and 40 nights. Pretty good movie, I liked it much. Saturday I was suppose to work, but nothing to do. So I spend the morning setting my dad’s network up with the rest of us. It’s cool now. Sunday wasnt much of a day Sarah and I went to church then went over my grandparents house for dinner. It was really good. We ate soo much food. Monday was a really hectic day at work. I had so much to do. Had this big printer dilemma that to this day has yet to be resolved completely. Anyways yesterday Sarah came down with something and is not really sick. 🙁 So I didn’t go over her house that nite. Instead I decided to stay home and do a thorough clean of my room. BIG DIFFERENCE. I literally went through everything. It looks much better now. Also earlier that day I had talked to Chris Wolner one of my really good friends from high school and was I in shock. I guess his parents got divorced over the summer and him and his sister moved into a trailer home. He transferred from Western to Oakland and is working in the day and schooling in the nite. Chris told me that he’s really sick of Michigan and this summer he’s planning on moving out to Tennessee to start a life of his own. It’s amazing how much things change once you get outta high school. It’s all starting to hit me now. Crazy crazy. And then I found out last nite that my best friend and his girlfriend Karrie broke up after a 2 year relationship. Its unbelievable. I thought they’d be together forever. Well technically they are just taking a break from each other, in hopes that they get back together, but still I can’t believe it. Over the past few weeks, two of my friends broke up with their girlfriends after long relationships and I found out that one of my best friends from high school is moving away to Tennesee. Wow. It’s definetly been a different week. Well I guess I’m just going to continue to follow the flow and hope that everything works its knots out. Anyways I’m back off to work. Its strange how much changes after high school, I kinda miss it already. Wow. Damn Dude I’m getting old, in less than a month I’ll 19. Damn.