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Natalie’s Parties, Moving, Upcoming weeks, School Winding Down…..

Hot Damn! So much has been going on lately. Two weekends ago we made our final move into our new house into Rochester Hills. It’s been a long move, but things have gone well and we’re in! It’s weird to think that you don’t live in the same house anymore and everything is so different, so new, so changed. That past Friday night Natalie and I just chilled at her house. Then Saturday night we had a few people over her house for some drinkin. Good Times.

Over the past week it’s been quite busy. I’ve had so many projects and lab work for class, it’s killing me. I hope I can pull everything out by the end of this semester. Last weekend we need some more cleaning and unpacking in the new house. Friday night: Champagne, Strawberries, Roses, Aromatherapy, Bathtub, Candles, Natalie = Great night. Saturday Natalie and I (actually just me, since she was sleeping most of the time, damn cute though) unpacked my bedroom and got most of it setup. Later Saturday night we decided to have peoples over again. This time the turnout was a lil larger. It was overall a good night. Nat’s ex and his new g/f came, that was weird, WTF. Ahh well, whatever, still a great night. Natalie had a few drinks (she was happy). I took care of her though, hehe, i love her.

Sunday I went to Natalie’s dance for a little bit, we got something to eat after. Went back to the new house, our deck was being built (probably done by now). It looks really good. The view our the back of our house is so sweet! (Pictures to come!) Later Sunday we went to Nat’s grandma’s. Damn did it ever rain this weekend! It just kept coming. There were floods everywhere and a lot of roads were closed. I ended coming back up to school early Monday morning.

I’ve been really busy this week. I’ve got so much shit to do for school as this semester winds down. I’ve been trying to schedule for classes, and well there really isn’t many more course left that I have to take, 15 to be exact. And since I’ve been taking 5 courses a semester (20 credits) Thats only 3 semesters away. WOW. Things are really going fast. Yesterday I spent all day working on 3 labs for Computer Architecture and Computing & Algorithms. It was a long day. But they’re all done and damn does that feel good! Today, I have a few things to take care of before tonight.

If none of you follow the Pistons this playoffs, fuck off. They’re hot this year and it’s awesome. Tonight I’m going to game 3 of the east finals. It’s gonna be kick ass. Go Pistons!

For the rest of this week I still have a lot to do before the weekend. This weekend is Memorial Weekend, extended weekend, and I can’t wait much longer! Friday morning I have an exam then Natalie’s coming up here to get me and we’re on our way to Port Austin/Caseville for the weekend. I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so awesome. Rachel and Brad, I believe, are coming with us too. Only 2 more days. Next week’s gonna suck, projects, exams. But this weekend is gonna be so nice. So excited about it.

I keep getting more and more anxious for this summer. Right now this is 8th week. Only 9th, and 10th week left. Then exams and I’m done! It really isn’t that much left. I can’t wait much longer. Only 64 more days til Myrtle Beach!! Ok I gotta get something to eat. So much to do and so little time.

I love her.

Everything now and to come


That’s what I have to say to LiveJournal right now. I seriously just wrote probably the longest entry I’ve ever written and it fucking fucked. I lost the whole damn thing when I went to post it. So here again is my attempt to type every FUCKING thing I just typed:

After that said, life has been busy and well nothing in the world seriously goes the way you expect it, just learned that one! Again! So yeah everything has been busy lately if you couldn’t tell. I don’t even know where to start again. Over the past week til Sunday it was a long few days and just alot. What I do know and learned after all that was the following:
1. Respect all that respects you
2. Be brave, and make the right decisions for the long run
3. Everything in life is not what you expect
4. Never thing it can’t happen to you
5. Love the ones closest to you
6. I know that I truely love her
7. Be with the one you love the most when it means the most
8. I adore her
9. Have a positive outlook on life.
10.With life’s downs it has it’s ups
11.It will get better, be strong
12.Never give up
13.She’s the one

With that said I’ve realized more and more about things that I ever knew I would. I couldn’t be without her. She’s beyond amazing and I care about her like whoa!

So Sunday was mother’s day and yes I did spend it with my mother and Nat’s ma. We first were at my cousin’s for her first communion then later over Nat’s grandma’s with her family. Seriously I don’t know what I’d without my family. I love my family. I love Nat’s family. Love the ones closest to you because they will always be there for you. It was a long weekend, but overall….turned out good.

Monday I’m back at school and when I say busy is it ever! Had an exam Monday, homework to do and so much catching up to do. Spent more than half of Monday working on school and class. Tuesday I went to lab then after came home for a few hours to setup my new house’s computer shit. (Server goes in this weekend!!) So far so good. Natalie and I played a little game. She’s effin awesome! After that I came back up to school and picked up my partner on the way. We spent the next 7.5 hours working on this crazy ass Java program. Basically its an implementation of an electronic voting booth. It may seem like a simple concept, but if you’ve every coded before you would know, it’s not, at all!! There are so many things to take into consideration. We did our best. And well this morning we had the demonstration of it. Didn’t go so well. F**K! I think we’ll be fine. Since there’s basically only, in theory, 3 students (technically 4) in class we’ll be fine.

Today was another busy ass day of class, exams, and homework. We had our first softball game tonight, lost 9-6. We’re just getting into it, still got some adjustments to make, but I think we’ll be much ready by next game. I pitched the game, batted alright out-out-double. For the rest of tonight I should be working on a few C programs, but we’ll see how the night goes. There is so much to do and oh so little time.

As for this weeked we’ll be officially moved into our new house. It’s looking really good. It’s slowly, but surely getting furnished. I’m liking my new room. It’s exciting. Other than that I’m not to sure what’s going on yet, who knows. TBD.

Oh man there is still so many things on my mind.

Things to get through in the next month:
1. Passing Computer Architecture
2. Passing System Programming Concepts
3. Passing Computer Algorithms III
4. Final Exams
5. Bills
6. Finding a new job by next January
7. Finding our last member for Myrtle Beach
8. Collecting $ for the MB trip
9. Moving into the new house
Things to look forward to in the next month:
1. The summer
2. Natalie in a bathing suit (so HOT!)
3. 4th of July at Port Austin/Caseville *with her
4. Myrtle Beach trip *with her
5. Being done with school
6. Making money
7. No homework
8. The weather
9. Her
10. Living in the new house
11. Memorial Weekend *with her
12. Whatever else good is to come!

Damn is there ever so much to look for. My head’s going to explode! I can’t wait. The weather has been beautiful lately and it’s making really anxious for MB. It’s coming a lot faster than I thought. So damn busy. Even through the hardest times things overall are looking good. I’m happy right now.

To the one and only,
You’re beyond amazing! Beautiful, caring, loving, smart, sexy, wonderful. It could go on forever. Seriously I don’t know where to start because I’m afraid it’d never end! Natalie you’re more than I could ever ask for, everything. We have so much to look forward to in the months years to come. This summer is going to be so kick ass, and its with you! I love you, truely, madly, deeply. I adore you. You are it! You’re not going anywhere, I’m keeping you. So get use to it 😉 I can’t wait much longer. You’re the one for me. You. Me. Always. Need I say more?! You make me happy, I love it! So happy with everything you are to me. I’m truely blessed. Fucking awesome! Forever yours.

She’s just that damn awesome!! Hehe.
I’m so in love.

Well school is once again calling me. It’s kinda crazy when you think about it, but by next December (December ’05) I’ll be graduating and into the real world, for good! I’m kinda excited to see what the future has in store for me, but for now I’m gonna live it up with the one(s) I love the most! Can’t wait for this summer to begin! So anxious.

So for now I’m back to get some shit done that shoulda been done hours ago, I’m so sick of school, I can’t wait much longer. Love life and live for love. God Bless!

Life, wow

Sorry it’s been so long since my last write. I’ve had so much difficulty in my life these past few weeks, I don’t even know how to describe it. Let’s just put it this way, it really put life into perspective and gave me a much great respect and understanding for life. I’ve never felt the way I have these past few weeks. I just can’t wait for things to calm done and get this stress of my back.

First and foremost, Natalie. Natalie, I love you the mostest and you know it. Looking at you and being with you makes it that much more harder to leave your side each night. More and more am I realizing how hard I’ve fallen for you and would be there for you for anything. Your amazing, and couldn’t make me any happier. I love you, I do.

The passed few weeks nothing to new otherwise has happened. Last weekend we did a pretty good move into the new house. It’s all done. Just gotta start unpacking and stuff. Next week Friday is the last and final day in our old house. It’s kinda weird, sad, yet exciting at the same time. The house looks great, everything came out really good. School has been really hectic lately, so much shit, so much h/w, so much to do. By far throughout my college career this semester, with all the other shit that’s gone on so far, this one tops it. Seriously my life has taken so many new directions and new obstacles never new could come.

This weekend is mother’s day, nothing for sure yet, but I will be with the mother, i know. I love my family. I love Natalie. I love life. I’ve had so much brought to my eyes lately and it really woke me up. I pray that everything will smooth out and work out for the better. I’ve fucked up and I’m being as strong as I can do work myself through this. I can. Stressed. So much on my mind right now, hope things haven’t been to confusing. Anyways I do hope everyone is doing well and life is treating them well. Remember to always try to live life to the fullest and make good decisions. That’s all, I’m done.

Natalie, I love you, always.