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Social Portability

So in an effort to make blogging easier, I wanted to be able to make updates to my site from anywhere. After some research I found this sweet lil program for my Blackberry called BB Meta Blog. With this I can now make updates here via XML-RPC. I’m happy right now 😉

It amazes me how much we can keep up with each others lives with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. How from virtually anywhere I can update my 140 character Twitter status, which automatically updates my Facebook status with my cell phone.  I can even send pictures from my cellphone to be published immediately to my website.  And now I can update my blog with my cell phone as well.  This is seriously some powerful stuff!

Literally from anywhere, anytime, my social network of friends (and followers) can keep up with me, in the midst of all things busy.  Alas, this is the end to a new beginning of blog updates via my Blackberry.


Last night I had my “Monster Mash” Halloween party and it couldn’t have gone any better! Everyone looked good, everyone danced, everyone eat, and oh boy, did everyone drink! 150+ people and the most amazing Halloween party to date (until next year :)). I truly thank everyone who helped me in any way to make it as successful as it was.

It’s been a crazy past couple months, but I couldn’t be any happier right now, than exactly where I am. And now it starts… the prelude to the holiday season…

The Projects

It’s amazing how I got my hands on so many things right now.  Between X number of web projects to Y number of events and such, it feels good to know that I can keep up with it all.  I guess truly never watching TV has its perks (seriously biggest time waster ever).  My projects are coming along, progression is moving.  I really can’t wait to share it with everyone, but its a bit away from making any public debut.

My biggest concern is remembering to stay focused and not to “drop the ball”.  I catch myself many times starting something but never following through.  No more…  It’s time to do something, and I’m going to do it right now.  Got a couple other projects that I’m working on with other people, even though my main one is my baby.  Its a juggling act, but I love it.

Ahh…its a Woot-off…. 🙂

These Late Nights

Its been nearly 3 weeks of late nights (past 2am). Its amazing how I can sit here for 5 or so hours, after work, and chug away at this new stuff. I’ve been working very diligently on my newest site, which I hope will go live by the end of this week. This site has a lot of customizations, but in the end will be worth it.

On another note, it finally looks like the Halloween party is forming. Its less than 2 weeks away and only about 25 tickets have been sold, but after talking to numerous people today, we are looking to be in good shape.

This upcoming weekend is sell tickets and complete more web work weekend. Looking forward to it, for sure!


October So Fast

This month has flown by so fast. After back to back internet conferences (Wordcamp in Toronto and Underground Training Lab in Detroit) I had a much needed weekend with my friends. This month has already been a pivotal month in my life, as I can see. I’m excited for what’s to come.

Upcoming events: Monster Mash, a Halloween party. This is the ultimate Halloween party, to be my best one yet. Contact me for ticket sales or more information.

Updates Complete!

After another long late night of development, I’ve finished the redesigning/updating of  It’s now powered using WordPress, a platform I’m very familiar with.

You’ll notice that I am feeding content from multiple other sources of my activity on the internet.  I figured I may not have time to always update this website, but atleast things that I do will indirectly update this website.

So I put this site together for a few things.  I wanted the best representation of who I am, what I do, what I’ve done, and what I’m going to do.

Ok, time for sleep, nite!


Hello world!

Not so much of a hello world, but a welcome back world…

So after many renditions of over the years, I’ve finally taken the step forth and convert my site into a much more simpler site with many of the things I still want to share with who I am.  As of right now, the site is not complete.  I still have many things I am looking to implement, but have decided to call it a night after some massive work on multiple projects.  It’ll be interesting to see where this site goes as I move forward in my life, this is the next step.

Love it!

It’s amazing sometimes to see where people come and go through times and how things change. What’s astonishing about the concept of individualism and social interaction between each other is how the truth always leaks through in the end. Just when you think nothing makes much sense or you can’t grasp a concept that is a reality, the lenses are adjusted and your eyes focus. That’s when you see, you truly see.

As too many may already know, with out trust you have nothing. Trust is a cosmic bond built only once between two entities. Like a famous painting, there is no duplication or replication quite like the original. Any intricate fallicy that exists on a new iteration will never be the same. Trust can be broken, and built, but it is never the same the first time. The scariest thing about trust is it’s delicacy. It takes so much time to build it, but nearly no time at all to implode nearly every ounce of it in the palm of your hand. The building of lies is antonymous to trust, the poison to the rose. Living a life of lies is a loss of self respect and integrity. A sense of insecurity is transparent. Too transparent. Like I’ve always believed in, patience is a virtue and trust is a core. Those two concepts go together like PB&J. I have a full understanding of what it is to trust and losing that, but once is enough to not ever delay the inevitable and change the bond, a lesser bond than before, if a bond at all. I could probably explain trust to further ends of the earth, but I think you get the idea. Building trust with me will make the relationship between us something that will only make everything better, but more enjoyable. If such is accomplished, reciprication is gratitude.

I’ve been probably more busy than I should be lately, but this isn’t a complaint, its a reflection. I love everything I’m doing though, there’s just something about life that I fuckin’ love. Boredom is inexistent.

Here’s a small relapse on a few events that have transpired….
My wedding, yes, my 80’s wedding was amazing! Everyone had the time of their lives and I still hear from so many people how much fun they had. From the Rubik’s cube wedding cake to the music, I don’t know how else to explain the pure insanity, but mega 80’s!

I want to do another party but ideas are still floating around….

I’ve gone to a few concerts lately, including the great RTOC with Bullet For My Valentine, Atreyu, and Avenged Sevenfold, what a fucking rock solid concert!

This Friday I have Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and Three Days Grace. Then in April is Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, and Styx. Hell yes!

The beginning of this entry is pin pointed on a few changes in my life. About a month ago, my good buddy Mike called me up outta the blue and finally snapped out of a 6 month downward tortuous spiral he was able to pull out of. I’m really happy for him to see, because he is so much better off. We’ve had some really ridiculous weekends lately, hard to explain in detail, considering this is the internet and open for public discussion, but I couldn’t be any happier right now. The summer of ’08 is destined to be a summer to tell our sons about, for sure!

In two weeks I’ll be flying out to Vegas for an extended weekend with John. We’re giving it all, and taking nothing back! I’m super pumped for this weekend!

I don’t know what else to say right now, I just felt a need to write, so I did.

Oh, I was working on a project today at work and rekindle my love of recursive programming and I have this ridiculous smile that will not melt from my face. The fact that I actually accomplished exactly what I wanted to just make it such a solid satisfaction.

There’s probably a million things I could think of right now about past, present, and future, but come full circle, I love exactly where I am right now….

Already February 2008?

Where do I start? I guess my promise to build upon this has been faded once again. As much as I’d love to write in this everyday, time has become of an essence. So instead of always promising that I’ll write more, I’m going to write when I feel apt to do so. And guess what, now is that time.

From what I recall, the last time I wrote was after my Halloween Barnyard party that was quite awesome. Since then I’ve been keeping busy, working and trying to figure this whole life thing out. As some may recall, the 34 Days of Christmas was an overwhelming, exhausting, and joyous event. (More details can be found at My Christmas and New Year’s was great. For New Year’s a large group gathering of us went to the Mirage for one hell of a way to bring in 2008.

It’s weird to look back on 2007 and think about what a change the year had on my life and it’s made me. A few weeks back, I was havin’ a few drinks with a friend and I was talking about how 2007 was probably one of my worst years. He said, “No, best year”. I was puzzled at first, but then listening to him, it couldn’t have been any more apparent. Throughout all that has dawned upon me through the 365.25 days in 2007, I’ve learned more about life, myself, people, and in the end, what I am able to pull through on that year will benefit me for years to come. He’s dead right. It’s hard to believe that February is already in full swing and wow, 2008 feels like it was just brought in yesterday.

I’ve been trying to stick to my guns and I’ve been avidly in the gym everyday, I’ve actually made some solid improvements, but I am really going to push it for the summer. My cousins and I came up with this 6 in 6 around New Years. To get six-pack abs in 6 months (June). For me, thats a helluva run, but as close as I can get, I’ll try voraciously. I love leaving the gym everyday, it just exerts so much energy (positive) on me and I just feel so alive! I love it. We’ll see how the progress of my goals will make it this summer.

Let’s see, among other things that have been keeping me busy, fulfilled and content includes playing hockey Sunday nights, pushing (even thought its on molasses right now). I love music, that’s not going away. I got quite the line up ahead of me for concerts. March is the Taste of Chaos with Bullet For My Valentine, Atreyu, and Avenged Sevenfold. I can’t fucking wait for this concert, seriously, I got my tickets on preorder so I go pit tickets. Hell yes. Then a few weeks later is the Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Three Days Grace, and Red. And a couple weeks after that is the Def Leppard, Styx, REO Speedwagon show. I can’t wait for March!! It’s going to be an awesome month for concerts. I’ll probably be going to a few smaller ones in the area in the next month or two as well. So much music to rock to, I can’t wait!

Work’s been good, been keeping busy. I’m sure I’ve shared with everyone by now, but I was working on an application for Facebook back in October ’07 and I finally launched it in December. It’s not as highly successful as I pictured, but it’s making gradual progress. The name of the app is called The Hookup. Basically its a match making app that matches you with other Facebook users on multiple levels. For more details check it out here Facebook The Hookup or click here to add it to your Facebook Profile. I’m really excited about it. I also have another app I should have ready for release in the upcoming weeks, details to come. Furthermore I’ve also launch The Hookup through Bebo, and soon it will be developed on the Open Social API, which, for all of you Myspace addicts, you’ll get your play with The Hookup as well.

Another awesome project I’ve really found myself in love with is a book I started writing a few weeks back. I’ve learned so much about marketing online and social networks and even deeper, social graphs that I’ve really felt the need to publish something that shows you what works and what doesn’t, why, and how to market using some really new ideas that are just sweet. I don’t know when it will be completed, but I will definitely share it with all. It’ll be some good stuff!!

And well, this weekend is going to be awesome. Because this weekend is my wedding. Well 80’s wedding. I love weddings and realized it maybe awhile before the next one, so I figured I’d just have one myself! With an 80’s twist. So this week I’ll be busy getting everything ready for the wedding, but it’s out to be a rad party! If you wanna go, read the details here: Tickets are also available for purchase on the site as well. Pictures will most likely be posted on Facebook and possible (slowly dying due to Facebook).

Time is of an essence. I think it’s quite apparent with the millions of things I just laid out on the floor. I like taking a step back from the grind every now and then and just let my fingers leak out my thoughts. It really lets me put a lot into perspective. Seriously, writing is ridiculously therapeutic. There’s so much I could still write right now, but I’ll leave it at that. At least I’ve recapped a lot of missing time.

There’s a lot going on and I’m addicted to being here. It’s the ultimate.


This past Saturday night was my Halloween Barnyard Extravaganza. I think, overall, it went really well. Marty and I and few other spent 3 days setting up the tents, lighting, hay and other things. It looked really good and I was happy with the turnout. The temperature touched a low number that definitely got people’s blood pumping. Damn Mother Nature couldn’t help me in that department, eh? Ahh well, after awhile, everyone had drank enough to thin their blood more and warm them up. Does that make sense? I guess my jungle juice was a hit, I just poured a bunch of shit in this witch’s couldrin and called it a drink.

It was really nice to see that everyone made it out, despite the cold. Another successful party. I love it. I had such a great time, as many others would agree. Now I’ve spent yesterday and soon to be today to finish taking everything down, tents and all. I miss it already, it was too short. I’ve already started thinking about the next shindiggy. Probably January or February time, it’ll be an 80’s wedding, essentially. Details are still obscure, I will share when time comes.

So this week is the last week of October, Halloween in 48 hours, and the cold months are ahead. I got into my car this morning and could see my own breath. It’s getting cold and with cold comes snow, yes. Is it bad to be addicted to a sport that last but a 1/4 of the year, if lucky? The thing I’m really looking forward to is that first run, getting on the lift, strap my feet down, and gliding through the snow. The love is snowboarding. Hopefully this year is a good season.

Work’s been, good, busy, but good. My lil Facebook action is taking longer than expected, but I’m really pushing to get it done, it’s killin’ me smalls! Again, you’ll all know.

As for this upcoming weekend, maybe goin to State for the MSU/UofM game, tailgating action and such. Not sure really. I’m open for anything fun, so if there’s something fun, dial the digits, I’m there! Sweet deal, back to scanning through thousands of lines of PHP code, trying to fix dumb bugs. Yay, its fun!…….(pause)…..NOT!